Crobs Abroad: A Scot's Misadventures with a Backpack

Upon graduating from University, Crobs slung a backpack over his shoulder and, along with four friends, set out on a quest to explore the world and meet its fantastic inhabitants. What started out as a summer wandering along the Gringo Trail of South America however quickly spilled into a continuing string of mishaps that saw him fall into a multitude of embarrassing encounters with locals and fellow travellers as he tailed off on drunken ramblings and misadventures across five different continents.

Whilst being kidnapped by the mayor of a Peruvian city; getting food poisoning in Argentina; crashing a mountain bike on the world’s most dangerous road; and becoming embroiled in a Brazilian drug trafficking scheme may be enough to deter some however, Crobs was just getting started. Follow his trials and tribulations as he then gets comatose drunk on the Thai islands; tossed down a Latvian bobsled run; kicked out of a Hungarian lap dancing club; and undertakes a sweltering trek across the Sahara desert. Will Crobs eventually fall into some luck?

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