221 Days • 17 Countries • 64 Stops •  73 Different Accommodations • 91 Beds • 57,000 Miles

In desperate need of an adventure, on 27th December 2016 I packed my life into a rucksack; emptied my savings account; said goodbye to my friends, and took a one-way flight from Scotland all the way to Sydney, Australia.

As the city's epic New Year's Eve fireworks display illuminated the iconic Harbour Bridge and set the jet-black sky alive with a kaleidoscope of colour, I chilled with some friends and beers in one of the state parks and hatched a rough plan of attack; a plan which I may as well have ripped up and thrown away right there and then.

Instead of sticking to a meticulous and well-thought-out agenda, in true Crobs Abroad fashion what ensued was a chaotic journey of discovery and self-actualisation; fuelled by a never ending flow of beer, profanity, debauchery, and madness.

Over the course of seven-and-a-half months I backpacked through three entire continents, meeting a host of wild and incredible people, ridding my ignorance of different cultures and enhancing my stereotypes of others; all whilst testing my stomach and liver in the process.

From going hunting for dragons in Indonesia; to riding scooters through rural Vietnam; to bathing with elephants in Thailand; to 3 am drunken archery in Laos, the amount of life-enhancing experiences I had was utterly astounding.

All the while, however, I managed to remain the same boy from Glasgow. All these people who come back from long-term trips and claim that they can't look at the world in the same way as they did before can bite it. If anything, my sense of humour is as dry as ever after realising how few people actually understand when Scots are joking or not. And this is probably evident no more so than in my writing...

crobs abroad World tour experiences

  1. hunting for dragons in indonesia

  2. eating in the world's cheapest michelin star restaurant in singapore

  3. teaching english in vietnam

  4. getting a tattoo in New Zealand

  5. being humbled at auschwitz concentration camp

  6. learning to surf in bali, indonesia

  7. visiting the hobbiton movie set from the lord of the rings

  8. getting extremely drunk on a kiwi vineyard tour

  9. spending the night on a fijian desert island

  10. taking a tediously shit barge down the mekong river in laos

  11. riding a bamboo train through the cambodian countryside

  12. falling in love with the italian way of life in bologna

  13. being amazed by the fairy tale czech city of brno

  14. having a week of complete banter in Bali

  15. completing a free-falling bungy jump in new zealand