Top 5 of 2015 - A Crobs Abroad Year in Review

Glasgow, Scotland, UK • December 2015 • Length of Read: 2 Minutes

2015 was a truly shit year. In January I had to say goodbye to my Grandfather, and then in October I had to say goodbye to my Grandmother. I started the year with two grandparents and finished it with none. Those missing seats at the Christmas dinner table were sorely, sorely, missed. 2015 was a truly shit year.

But life moves on and, rather than mope about, this fuelled my desire to work harder; explore wider; and become smarter. The in-your-face wake-up call that came off the back of these incidents was one of motivation to learn and grow; to take more risks; and to give less of a fuck what people think than I ever regarded as possible. I read 52 books (one-per-week), covering science fiction; autobiography; self-help; business; twentieth century literature; ancient philosophy; and psychology. I got back into the gym and put on 5kg of muscle. I furthered my Spanish, meditation, and guitar tuition. I really just kept as busy as possible. If I were to summarise my top 5 highlights of the past 12 months, however, they would be as follows:

  • Went down an Olympic Bobsled Run in Latvia
  • Completed a 10-day trek across the Sahara in Morocco
  • Partied at a Music Festival on the Croatian Islands
  • Hosted A Burns Supper and Performed an Address Tae a Haggis
  • Qualified as an English Tutor

Among all this I also found time to complete my first full-length travel book which follows my misadventures across five different continents as I got comatose drunk on the Thai islands; kicked out of a Hungarian lap dancing club; kidnapped by the mayor of a Peruvian city; crashed a mountain bike on the world’s most dangerous road. and much more. See the online bookshop for more...