Address To A Haggis (Bucket List #129)

Glasgow, Scotland, UK • January 2015 • Length of Video: 144 Seconds

The poetry of Robert Burns, Scotland's favourite son, is celebrated every January 25th in the form of a Burns' Supper.  On the anniversary of The Bard's birthday millions of people gather together to recite some of his most famous work whilst tucking into a traditional Scottish dish of 'haggis, neeps, and tatties' and drinking large quantities of whisky.

As is custom at these events the haggis, which is effectively a bag containing a sheep's heart, liver and lungs, is marched into the room under the accompaniment of a piper before being  by seduced Burns' 1786 spoken-word poem 'An Address To A Haggis'; an act of pre-dinner foreplay.

This year I took it upon myself to do the honours so invited some friends around for an extremely 'ghetto version' of this celebration and to cross #129 off the bucket list.