Look Closer: Break Away From Mainstream Think

Tune in and avert your eyes to the blank telescreen. They’re watching you sleep, telling you to eat what could be Soylent Green. Now look away and go back to bed. They will get what they need when we sleep, work and play, when we consume and OBEY.

Because we are all born in to a controlled mindset. God-money makes a death threat on ethics. Governed by greed and a stale routine. Can we just justify the means if we’re

Plugged in, tuned out? We all need to wake up because we've been detached for too long. We need to de-program from shifting with the public eye. We have a right to question why. See through the lies, re-sensitize, and look closer.

Get schooled, get married, get it on. Start a family. Hurry, move along. You might start to think, make a different move, lose your only mind that you've never used anyway. Walk on the white line. Brainwashed.Walk on the same side. Brain dead. It’s secure and safe like you need it all to be.

Peppering their punchy lyrics with references to 1984, They Live and Soylent Green, Set Your Goals manage to get across a scarily strong message in this otherwise upbeat punk-pop tune. Mainstream media is turning us dumb; turning us into a consumerist society in which supposed happiness can only come through material goods; turning us slowly into robots. This may seem exaggerated at first, but as Set Your Goals say: "Look Closer". I URGE everyone to stop walking the white line of conformity and venture off into a world of freedom and adventure. Because only once you're off the beaten track can you really discover who you actually are.